How It Works

We keep it simple by utilizing your existing email to send and receive faxes
If you can send and receive emails, you can use Faxpipe as your internet faxing service

Our Commitment to You

Devoted to Customer Satisfaction

Faxpipe is devoted to customer satisfaction and overall good business relationships. Feel free to contact our support team to find personalized solutions for your faxing needs.

Customer Privacy

We believe in the rights and privacy of our customers, we will never give or sell your information to third parties or businesses.

Excellent Faxing Service

We provide our customers with lower rates and better service. We use the highest quality fax lines available, which result in cleaner and sharper faxes. We are confident that you will be satisfied using our quality service.

Faxpipe Services.

HIPAA Compliant, Reliable, Affordable, and Secure

Receiving Faxes (Fax to Email)

Faxes are sent to your FaxPipe Number

We convert the faxes into email attachments

FaxPipe sends you an email with the fax attached

After creating your Faxpipe account, you will be given a personal fax number. Faxes can be sent to you from anywhere in the world through this number. Once faxes are sent to you, they will be converted through our system into an attachment and delivered right to your email inbox.

Sending Faxes (Email to Fax)

Email your documents to FaxPipe

We convert your attachments into faxes

Faxes are sent to the recipient's fax machine

In order to set up outbound faxing on your account:

  1. Contact our customer service department and request our email to fax service. We will send you an email with the appropriate address you will need to use in the send field of the email to fax.

  2. Enter the ten-digit fax number you are sending to in the body of the email in plain text. Make sure there is nothing else in the body of the email.

  3. Attach the files that you wish to fax and hit send. Common formats include: .doc, .docx, .tif, .txt, .pdf, and .jpeg. Check our support page for the full list under "FAQ: Sending".
    Mac users be sure "windows-friendly attachments" is enabled.

  4. After your email is sent you will receive two responses from Faxpipe. The first notifying you that your fax has been queued, the second provides the delivery status of your fax.

Secure Faxing Provided

Your security and privacy are important. At Faxpipe we have taken additional steps to ensure that your faxes are protected. All fax transmissions are secure throughout delivery. Faxes are encrypted to ensure that the delivery is HIPAA compliant.

Additional security options available upon request

TLS - Secure Email Delivery

When TLS is enabled on your email server, your emails are protected by a secure connection between sending and receiving email servers. This security setting is the default on all Faxpipe email servers.

Secure FTP

Secure delivery to a directory on your FTP server using SSL/TLS.

Password Protected PDF Documents

Incoming faxes can be delivered as encrypted PDF Files, which require your password to be unlocked and viewed.

PGP Encryption

Public-key cryptography can be used to protect your incoming faxes before we send them to you.


Secure delivery from Faxpipe servers to your secure server. Faxes sent and received with encryption.